Ferry tickets

If you want to travel as a passenger or an accompanying person of a car on a ferry to the Republic of Azerbaijan, then you need to: 

FIRST OF ALL, apply to the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Aktau

1. Does the ferry service operate Kuryk-Alat?

✅ Yes, it works. Around the clock 24/7

2. Do you have a schedule?

✅ There is no fixed schedule for ferry transportation on the Kuryk - Alyat route. The frequency of flights depends on the accumulation of cargo and weather conditions. For example, in the month of August the port received 77 ferries.

3. What is the travel time?

✅ Travel time under favorable weather conditions is 18 hours.

4. Where can I buy passenger tickets for the ferry?

✅ The ticket agent is Ferry Management LLP.

To purchase tickets, please contact:

Aktau, microdistrict 5, building 29, office 1, entrance from the end of the building.

• mobile phone: + 7 771 444 35 11

• landline phone: 8 7292 50-03-46

• e-mail: Ticket@ferry.kz

5. What is required to cross the border of Azerbaijan by sea?

✅ On this issue, please contact the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Aktau.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau city, microdistrict 15, 30K-1, 130000

Tel: +7 (7292) 42 23 00

Fax: +7 (+7292) 42 21 90

E-mail: aktau@mission.mfa.gov.az azconsul.aktau@gmail.com

Link https://aktau.mfa.gov.az/ru/content/6/kontakt

6. How much does it cost to transfer a passenger car to the port of Baku by ferry?

✅ In case of sending the car unaccompanied, the port due will be about 30,000 tenge.

The cost of ferry transportation (freight) will be $360

. For more detailed information regarding the sea carrier, please contact the ASCO representative in Aktau. Ilgar: +77072929955, +77783130402

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