Ferry berth

The territory of the ferry complex is functionally divided into the territory serving railway ferries with related infrastructure and the territory serving car ferries.

The current Port Infrastructure is represented by:

— railway and automobile berths with simultaneous service of 4 ferries

— access channel

— western and eastern piers

— dispatcher buildings

— maritime station

— customs clearance zone

— an administrative complex, a sports ground, a hotel, a canteen and a cafeteria.

The ferry travel time from Baku to Kuryk is 18 hours (Subject to favorable weather conditions).

Cargo from the Kuryk port is sent through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Europe.

The capacity of the railway berth is 4.1 million tons per year.

Average time of a complete ferry processing cycle:

— single-tier - 6-8 hours.

— two-tier - 10-12 hours,

which allows handling up to 5 ferries per day. Ferries can accommodate up to 54 railway wagons.

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