Industrial safety

The ferry complex in the port of Kuryk is located 70 km from the regional center of the city of Aktau. The nearest settlement is the village of Kuryk - about 17 km. Transport communication is carried out by road and railway.

The main production activity of the port of Kuryk is to ensure timely and high-quality processing of ferries, roll-on / roll-off of railway wagons, tanks and trucks, as well as timely and high-quality service for ships entering the port to open / close the state border.

In accordance with the Policy in the field of health and safety, industrial safety and environmental protection, our main goal is to reduce the level of injuries and accidents at work to ensure the safety of workers, eliminate damage to health, reduce the negative impact of activities on the environment and improve the image and reputation. We continue to strengthen the safety culture, increase the commitment of top management to safety and health, empower our workers (giving them the right to stop work that they believe is being performed in an unsafe way).

From the opening day, the leadership of the Partnership strongly promotes and promotes:

1. Priority of the value of human life and health in relation to the results of production activities;

2. Involvement and training of managers at all levels on issues of labor protection, the environment;

3. Personal responsibility of employees for compliance with safety requirements;

4. Creating a positive safety culture to prevent accidents and incidents;

5. Effective communications between all stakeholders;

6. Safe execution of work and correction of unsafe behavior.

We have achieved positive changes in our Corporate Health and Safety Culture and increased the level of transparency in our reporting.

To improve safety culture and reduce the level of injuries at work, the following work was done:

1.Conducted "Behavioral dialogue on safety" in the Information system "Industrial safety“

2.Corporate documents developed

3.Participation in the development of the Information System "Industrial Safety“

In the process of carrying out production activities, Port Kuryk LLP ensures compliance with environmental requirements in accordance with applicable law, introduces modern management models based on international environmental management standards, and also carries out activities aimed at the socio-economic development of the region.

In the port of Kuryk, piers with berths equipped with drawbridges are operated, which ensure the loading of sea ferries with wagons with cargo and cars without causing harm to the environment.

To analyze and evaluate indicators of the state of the environment and the effectiveness of environmental protection management at the enterprise, the following materials and results are used:

1.Results of calculations of emissions from stationary sources in comparison with the established MPE standards;

2.Payment for emissions of harmful substances into the environment;

3.Separate collection of production and consumption waste;

4.Transfer for reuse of waste to minimize environmental impacts;

5.Monitoring of sea water, to control the quality of water around the port area;

6.Using the best available technology to protect the local population and the environment from harmful effects during the working process of the port;

7.Implementation of the plan of environmental protection measures for landscaping the territory of the port.